Are you tired of creating sociograms with endless erasures and drawings? With BeyondLuna you’ll never have to redraw a sociogram with pen and paper again, and by collecting the answers digitally you can involve your students in a fun way. By letting them select their choices on your computer, or you can give them an account and let them answer the questions themselves. 

With our quickstart wizard you can have a sociogram created in minutes. The wizard contains of four steps where you are creating your group, adding members to it, creating a measurement and in the final step adding questions to the measurement. After that you are good to go, ready to collect the answers before you can start analyzing your group in a graphical sociogram.

With BeyondLuna you can always create your own questions, even if you are using the free version.


Analyze the result

When the answers are collected you can decide if you want to view the sociogram in a table or a graphical drawing. You can filter specific groups or individuals you want to take a further look. You can also highlight matches and students that haven’t been selected by anyone. If you want to rearrange the sociogram you can do so with drag n drop functionallity.

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