Seating Plan

With BeyondLuna’s seating plan module you can have all your seating plans stored digitally at one place. Our seating plan generator will help you optimize the seating plan based on the rules you set up. 

The first step in creating a seating plan is to add a group and it’s members. This can be done by our quickstart wizard. Groups and members are shared by all applications so if you already have been creating a group for the sociogram you don’t have to add another one for the seating plan.

Design your classroom by adding benches and and a teacher position. Our seating plan generator are supporting several type of seating plans like pairs, rows, grid, groups of four, u-shapes etc. 


Seating Plan Rules And Placements

When you have created your room you can start creating seating plan rules for your students. The rules to choose between are which side of the room the student should be placed (left, right, front, back), who the student should be or not be neighbor to or if the student shouldn’t have any neighbor at all. The rules will then be applied when the seating plan is calculated. Rules that are met will be indicated with a green name, rules that are not met will be indicated with a red name. If you hover over the name you’ll see more information about the rule that has or has not been met. 

If you want to rearrange anything manually it’s possible with drag and drop functionallity.

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